Everyone needs perfect,clean water!

Sanitary water is a NECESSITY. Good, clean water promotes healthier living. Clean water is a preventative medicine to many of our daily medical problems like headaches, back pain, ulcers, arthritis, asthma and fatigue. The better the water, the healthier the body!

City water contains many toxins that are not only harmful, but can contain cancer causing agents. Bottled water companies are not held to the same standards as cities, so they contain even more.

Children NEED pure water. Water is the only way to flush out harmful toxins. The purer the water, the better it can collect these toxins and expel them from the body. Children have limited detoxification and immune systems that do not develop fully until the teenage years. By allowing kids to drink water with chlorine, chemicals, and lead, you increase their chance of disease and learning disorders. These chemicals are found in virtually every city water system throughout the country.

Asthma, cancer, Leukemia and immune disorders in children have risen in the last decade in what most experts say is an increased exposure to environmental toxins. Most of those toxins are presented to them through their in home water sources. Poor water quality decreases the ability in children to expel them from their body. A quality water source will give your children all the advantage they need for a healthier body.

QUALITY water is very important to Adults! Water is a life source we cannot live without. With over 70% of the human body being water, an excellent source of clean purified water is essential.

Our nervous system is made up of little waterways, which carry our electrical signals throughout the body. If the water thickens due to dehydration, contamination by synthetic chemicals or toxic heavy metals like lead, those signals can get distorted. Many experts believe this can lead to degenerative diseases like depression, ADD, chronic fatigue, anxiety or Alzheimer's disease.

The quality of water is very important in allowing the body to carry toxins out of our body. If water contains chlorine or other chemicals the body will have a decreased chance in getting rid of those toxins. Aqua Perfect's representatives can give you a free water analysis to show you the degree of contaminants in your water and how to purify them to give you and your family a better healthier life.

Save up to 30% on Energy Cost! Saving money is something everybody wants to do. Now you have one solution that can easily do that. Clean, soft water will save you up to 30% on maintenance and hot water energy. Hard water damages your plumbing and creates scale in your water heater. A 1/8" scale build up in your water heater can increase your costs 30%!

Healthier water also decreases potential medical costs. A person that is proactive in having better water in their life can drastically decrease their chance of getting cancer or have respiratory problems due to the chlorine vapors from showering and bathing.

No more need for additional dishwasher detergents to get rid of spotted glasses. Soft water will rinse your dishes of soap thoroughly.

It's a cleaner way to live! Clean purified water gives people a more enjoyable life by not only saving you money, but decreasing your everyday chores at home. By using clean, softer water, you can save up to 75% on soap products with the need for less. By doing this, clothes can last 33% longer.

You will work less keeping the bathroom clean by eliminating the need to scrub soap scum every week. Clean soft water keeps your fixtures clean, giving them a sparkle and shine.

Soft water also makes a difference in the health of your hair by getting rid of hard water deposits. Pure water properly hydrates your skin for a youthful appearance. Clean water also gives your body the ability to lose weight easier. The body needs clean water to assist in digesting your foods properly, and increases the ability for your body to metabolize and shed excess fat. It also enables the intestine to absorb nutrients necessary for proper mind & body development.