Water Woes- Say good bye to these problems!

Custom Water Softener Set-up

Unique Solutions for Specific Water Problems
Only WaterMax® water softeners with its multi-compartment tank can offer many different media configurations to fine tune The Right Solution® for your specific water treatment needs. What is "media"? Think of it as simply many different types of material with many different textures and colors - all with the ability to improve water when water runs through it.

The beauty of WaterMax® is that whole-house water treatment happens in one appliance. Competitors don't have the patents we do and, to get around it, they must install a series of different models to do the same thing.

We'll test your water and then work with our technicians to create the The Right Solution® for your home and family. There are many WaterMax® water softener configurations.

It is important to note that everyone’s water supply can be different. Contact us today for a complete analysis of your water supply. The advanced design of the Watermax® allows your Hague dealer to customize the WaterMax® to your specific needs.