Water Woes- Say good bye to these problems!

Hague Quality Water Filters

Save time & money!  There is no need to purchase or change messy sediment filters with Hague.

The WaterMax®'s built-in filter feature eliminates the hassle of replacing messy filter cartridges required by conventional water softeners.

Mechanical protection is the first level of whole house protection that you receive in a WaterMax® water softener. First, water enters the tank by passing through the uppermost compartment of the unit: the patented, built in, self cleaning, whole house dirt and sediment filter. This whole house dirt and sediment filter traps any sediment that may be brought up from your well or any built up debris that may break away from piping.

The dirt and sediment filter features a patented neoprene screen that is laser welded to the polypropylene tank and packed with the media Ultrafil (for well applications) or a combination of Ultrafil and Chloristat (for municipally treated water). This screen reduces dirt and sediment to less than 20 microns-- smaller than the human eye can see!

The superior design and construction allows the WaterMax® water filter to force a minimal amount of water at high pressure back through the unit. This process flushes the dirt and sediment out of the upper compartment and washes it down the drain. The built-in, whole house dirt and sediment filter is now ready for the next cycle.

In certain cases of severe problem water, it may be necessary to include an additional piece of WaterMax® equipment. WaterMax® water filters are compact and have the same aesthetically pleasing design as the WaterMax® water softener.

It is important to note that everyone’s water supply can be different. Contact us today for a complete analysis of your water supply. The advanced design of the Watermax® allows your Hague dealer to customize the WaterMax® to your specific needs.

Whole House Water Filter

A water softener reduces hardness via the process of ion exchange. A whole house water filter reduces dirt and sediment from the water supply through a mechanical process.

The whole house water filter is connected to the main water line before it splits into the hot water heater. If you are on municipally supplied water, the typical contaminants of concern are chlorine and chemicals, sediment and hardness minerals. The types of contaminants typically found in a private well water supply are sediment, iron and hardness minerals and can vary from nuisance contaminants to toxic or damaging.

Sediment refers to visible particles in the water which need to be mechanically strained out such as dirt, dust, rust and sand.

Conventional water softeners require a separate whole house water filter be installed and recommend, "Reusable filters should also be strongly considered." However, Hague's WaterMax combines both the water softener and the whole house water filter into one single unit.

The whole house water filter on the WaterMax is sealed within the unit requiring NO FILTER CHANGES.

The WaterMax's built in self-cleaning whole house water filter carries a 25 year warranty.

Built in Self-cleaning Dirt and
Sediment Filter

The WaterMax® I is more than just a water softener. It is a multi-compartment water treatment system that removes dirt and sediment down to 20 microns with its patented built-in, self-cleaning whole house filter. As water enters a WaterMax customized specifically for you water treatment needs, dirt and sediment is trapped in the upper chamber.

The patented neoprene screen is laser welded to the polypropylene tank allowing a high-pressure backwash, flushing all debris captured in the built-in, self-cleaning dirt and sediment filter, down the drain. The built-in, self-cleaning, dirt and sediment filter eliminates the need for a homeowner to purchase separate cartridge type filter. With the waterMax homeowners eliminate the inconvenience of repeatedly changing messy and costly filters as is often required by conventional water softeners.

The built in self-cleaning dirt and sediment filter is only one of several patented features that make the WaterMax the most economical water softener available. The WaterMax saves the consumer money on expenses such as salt, water, and replacement filter cartridges.