Water Woes- Say good bye to these problems!


My Family and I would like to thank Aqua Perfect, our consultant Rusty White, and all of Aqua Perfect’s employees for their courtesy and installation of our new Hague Water System. Thanks to Aqua Perfect, my family can now enjoy clean, healthy water that will last us a LIFETIME. We have two little boys, one of which is 5 years old and a newborn. My oldest son used to drink our city water, until I noticed that it was causing him severe stomach problems and nausea. Now he can enjoy the convenience of going to get a glass of water whenever he wants!! Also, we no longer have to worry about our family bathing in unclean water or wearing clothes that still have dirt and soap in them due to unsanitary water, even after they have been washed.

It has yet been a full week since the installation of our new Hague Water System, and I can already tell a difference in my skin after bathing; our food taste much better after cooking; and my entire family seems to rest much better at night, even my newborn. Thanks to Aqua Perfect, I feel that my family will be in much better health!! I would recommend your products to anyone!! Thanks once again!!

The Curtis Family
Portland, TN